Book By W.T. Woon:
The Buddha Images Of the Masters of Quarters No. 6 Wat Rakang

The Book entitled “The Buddha Images Of the Masters of Quarters No.6 Wat Rakang” written by Mr. Woon Wee Teng is available for purchase at our Museum for the price of Singapore Dollars Thirty (S$30) per copy.

This Book systematically records the Somdej Buddha Images and others made by Luangpu Hin and Phra Khru Palawichit of Wat Rakang, Bangkok and gives the background history of the two said Buddhist Masters and their making of such Images. It is the first ever book written in English on this subject. It is also translated in Chinese for the benefit of our Chinese-speaking readers.

Wat Rakang is the most famous temple for making Somdej Buddha Images and it has a long and established tradition of making Somdej Buddha Images since their Grandmaster Somdej Putajarn (Phrommarangsi To).

The Book has 123 pages and a total of 229 colour illustrations.

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